12 On Passion, #005 Angie Thato Chuma, Artist

Its not everyday that one gets to be in touch with the mystery in our lives. True artists are hard to find, and it is the job of the artist to explore the mystery and bring to us their interpretation of it. No artist screams mystery like Thato Angie Chuma, a versatile creative writer, poet and Musician/songstress. Originally trained in marketing, she decided to embark on something completely tangential to the current trends of societal interpretations of what one would consider work. Lets catch up with Angie :

Stylist : Nollie Ngwira

Photography : kMoe Foto

Make-up Artist : Bojelo Marari

Art Direction : T A N L U M E


  1. Please tell us about yourself

I’m a writer, a singer and journalist. All facets of art intrigue me.angie-1-edt

2. When did your love affair with the arts begin?

While growing up my dad had a great vinyl collection. I loved the freedom music gave us every time it played.

3. Tell us about Taola, your music style and what you hope to do with your music?

Taola is a fusion duo comprised of myself and Bonolo B-Note Mogotsi. It’s very much experimental, and we want to craft our own unique sounds in the industry. It has been a great journey so far.


4. Do you remember consciously falling in love with poetry and music?

Not quite. I never gave much attention to it. I grew up very academic. When I was 14, my sister started inviting me to exodus live poetry sessions and I started to discover my voice there.

5. What excites you most about being a young creative from the continent?

It’s mostly the freedom that art grants us that I find exciting. The freedom to be reflective and enact change.


6. Whats your hidden talent?

An eye for things beyond us.

7. Who would you like to collaborate with (local or international)

Locally with Ntirelang Berman. Internationally with various musicians who can compliment our sound.


8. Music is…

Music is love in action.

9. The most memorable experience of your career so far?

Being granted an exclusive video on sabc3’s club culture. That was so cool.


10. Growing up was there any indication that you’d be doing what you do now?

Yes. I think I’ve always been passionate about everything that I do.

11. What inspires you?

Life and how it unfolds. It’s deeply inspiring.


12. As we celebrate 50 years of independence in Botswana, would you say our government has done enough in growing the arts?

There are notable changes but we definitely need policies and structures that make art sustainable for artists.

13. Love is…

Love is our highest joy.


12 On Passion: #004 Precious Gondwe, Lawyer/ Inspirational Blogger

Moniker: Precious Gondwe
Endeavor of Passion: Lawyer
We often associate lawyers with monochrome, slicked back ponytails and little as possible facial expressions. Precious is the exception; bubbly, full of life and charismatic. Her approach to life and vibrant fashion sense  is inspiring.
Stylist: Nollie Ngwira
Photography: kMoe Foto
Make Up Artist: Bojelo Marari
Art Direction:  T A N L U M E
1.Please tell us about yourself?
Precious Gondwe is a Christian first, saved, tongue speaking and spirit filled! Awkward right, but that’s my trademark! Career wise, i am young vibrant lawyer who gets results for the client! for me its not just about a verdict but justice must be seen to be done. it’s about ensuring that no one is ever deprived of their rights, hence the urge to go to court daily just to ensure justice that part is taken care of .
Socially, i am an inspirational blogger and motivator. I am firm believer in mental uprightness. I am convinced that one’s successes emanate from a law i have termed the art of positivism. This law must be instilled daily into one’s mind daily as a reminder that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AND THAT NOT EVEN THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.
In closing, topping it up i am a big fan of family hence a young bride to a Handsome British Soldier, KING RICHIE, we just recently celebrated our first year anniversary on September 26th. Love and being loved is a beautiful thing! Even better in Marriage!
2.How did you choose to get into Law?
I completed my Secondary school in 2004, in Zimbabwe. I did very well, but coming from a beautiful large African Family it was difficult to fund my Tertiary Education hence i had to get a job full time and study part time with the university of South Africa. I must say it was a tough journey. Working full-time as a legal secretary and spending sleepless nights working on assignments and preparing for exams. These have paid off and i  am in the process of doing more, the train never stops.
3.Growing up, was there any indication you’d be doing what you do now?
Actually my Dad always said he wanted me to be a lawyer but i was more glued into the medicine phenomenon hahhahah! In 2008 my sister and dad found their way into swaying in the direction of Law. So, wallaaaah! I couldn’t be happier here we are!!!
4. What characteristics does it take to be a great lawyer?
  A great deal of professionalism, integrity and independence. Lawyers are personally liable when found guilty of being negligent of their duties. Therefore every case/client/file and court paper counts. When applying oneself its not just for the client but also your name on the block. You cannot afford to act otherwise hence a great deal of due care and diligence must be exercised when executing the client’s mandate. On the other hand you must advise your clients properly and be able to give them informed legal opinions because in certain instances there’s never a need to go to court but mediation/reconciliation or other alternative dispute resolution routes must be explored as long as it is in the best interest of the client.
5. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
I will probably be a Judge and If not working for an International Org for Human Rights/Law Reform and Policy Making. I love Constitutional Law, because every law of the country stems from it… anything inconsistent with it must be tested & in most cases thrown out! Educational wise I should have my LLD (Doctor of Laws) by then!
6. What have been some of the challenges and triumphs along the way?
There’s long hours of research and certain cases may be involved which means putting in extra hours in order to get the desired result. Legal verdicts are binding hence whatever the outcome of the case it has the potential to alter a person’s life for good, therefore we seem to be faced with a huge task of ensuring the best outcome at all times which is sometimes impossible😬😬😅 as they can only be one verdict. However, seeing people’s rights upheld is one fulfilling moment for any lawyer!!
7. What inspires you?
The man JESUS! He was of a sober mind, focused, kept his mind on the price! Nothing could derail him from his intended path or desired result. He was simply Immaculate!!! He sinned not! How glorious!!!
precious 7 edt.jpg
8. What do you enjoy doing in  your spare time?
Besides going to church, spare time is family time. As I mentioned earlier i come from a family of 7 kids, and boy we are the best of friends; closely knit hence i spend as much time as I possibly can with them on weekends. On the other hand is King Richie, my husband . He is my rock and my best friend. We talk, laugh and chat for hours via Skype or App whichever one we decide on. I simply enjoy his company & his great sense of humour #chuckles!
precious 5 edt.jpg
9.  How many languages do you speak?
I speak 7 languages. Setswana, Chewa, English, Ndebele, Shona, Zulu, Zulu & Sotho come naturally by virtue of Ndebele and Setswana.
precious 6 edt.jpg
10. Love is… Love is the GREATEST GIFT FROM GOD!!!❤

12 On Passion: #003 Unami, Chef

Moniker : Unami Makali

Endeavor of Passion : Culinary Chef

Its not everyday that you come across a chef, and a genius accountant, its rare to get into culinary arts despite having a background that is purely mathematical and abstract. Here, we were amazed by the spirit of Unami and glad to have learnt what makes her food so soulful. Curiosity led us here:

Stylist: Nollie Ngwira

Photography: kMoe Foto

Make Up Artist: Bojelo Marari

Art Direction: T A N L U M E


  1. Please Tell us a bit about yourself

Goodness where do I begin…My name is Unami, which is Ikalanga for Onalenna- Ndzimu Unami (Modimo Onalenna). I come from Mosetse village in the Central District. Im a Chef, Events Planner, Accountant, Aspiring Entrepreneur 😂😂😂 haii but all I desire is for the glory and the goodness of the Lord to be seen through me. Ke batla gore ke nne sekao sa gore ka nnete Modimo o a tshela!


2. How did you get into Events organisation and Being a Chef?

I think my mother’s love for interior decor and fine art influenced me a lot. It began in 2012 with a few plastic chairs and chair covers that we used fo my graduation lunch that lead to the name Puritz.The name PURITZ represents: Pelo( sister’s name), Unami (me 😂), Reasons ( papas adopted English name😂, you know those names they gave themselves back then so they could seem cool and all), I (connecting alphabet) , Tinashe (my younger brother’s name) and Zibani (my father’s first name). Unfortunately there was no space for mama’s name which is Orapetswe. Puritz represent clarity,unblemished purity, cleanliness hence our tag line “Sophisticated Simplicity “..😁

My love for culinary arts began when I was 7. When I completed my degree I asked my parents and siblings to support my journey into the hospitality industry. This is where my heart is Nollie, I remember praying to God and begging for a chance to be in the kitchen, now here I am and believe me the journey has just begun. People think its “just cooking” but its a skill that requires years to accumulate. Go a berekwa mo kitchen ga gona kgomo ya boroko!


3. Growing up, was your creativity actively encouraged?

I would say 50/50 because the ideal situation in most African families is for a child to grow up,get educated and get a job. I am grateful to have my family as a pillar of strength.
4. What do you visualize when creating a new dish or menu?

Ahhhh I love authenticity and purity of real food that is not cooked in tonnes of spices beyond recognition! A dish should have heart and balance of flavors. Im a fresh herb lover ( thyme,rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, mint,chives, dhania) along with garlic, tonnes of vegetables and soy sauce! I am always improvising in the kitchen I cook what is in the fridge, mostly coming up with my own recipes.


5.What makes good food, good?

Attention to detail, flavors and heart-passion. The end result is amazing!


6.What are some of the challenges you have faced and triumphs in your career so far?

Having to give up a a job to follow my passion. My heart couldn’t let go of this career. I was so angry at God because I felt like I was being tested. Whether I would take the job or live the passion that I had been praying to God for so many years.
My triumphs has got to be the work that I do, getting feedback from clients about how they appreciate your work. Some have been with me since I started making cakes in 2012. I have worked with First National Bank Botswana, Botswana Insurance Holding Limited, done wedding’s in Phakalane to Serowe. These little victories keep my soul grounded and humble.


7. Love Is?

Love is GOD…GOD is love… Its simple really, if you do not know the love of God, you cannot love the next person. I am what I am because God loves me and I will love my neighbor just as much😍


12 On Passion: # 002 Eteng Mo, New Age Entrepreneur


Moniker : Eteng Mo

Endeavor of Passion : New Age Entrepreneur

Next on our adventure on passion we were caught by the work of Eteng, who we will call a New Age Entrepreneur because she does not fit into the text book, often limited definitions of what an entrepreneur is. She, as a person will fit into the category of what most seasonal people call a millenial and her  ambitions and energy reflect the newness of the times and the uncertainties  of this millenia.  We caught up with her just to find out what goes on…

Stylist : Nollie Ngwira

Photography : kMoe Foto

Art Direction : T A N L U M E

Make Up Artist : Bojelo Marari





  1. Please tell us about yourself

I am free spirited, loving in nature, very forgiving, a people’s person and easy to get along with. My mother has taught me to be a peacemaker and to value people around me, no matter the age, shade or size. I have learnt to never discriminate. My life can just as well be resembled by a butterfly; I birth a new bright character with every struggle. I am today, all I survived yesterday.

Eteng is a child born out of LOVE even though my parents have never been married after I was born. The love my mother and her siblings raised me up with, has taught me to forgive all and hold unto my FAITH at all times. Seeing my mother fighting and overcoming cancer has humbled and given me HOPE for a better tomorrow. I have grown to trust God with all.



  1. When did you start writing?

I believe I started when I was in Form 3 after I attended a poetry session that my mother and her mates organized at University of Botswana one time. I started putting my thoughts into paper every chance I got. One time a counselor asked me how I was doing during a counseling session and all I could do is give her a book with all my thoughts. Since then I have never stopped writing. I write during exams, I write in my quite time, on trips and in church *hides*. I published my blog in 2015 and wish for it to grow and get people comfortable in expressing their talents’. My writing is also inspired by my reading. I have so much to share and writing gives me that platform.



  1. Growing up was creativity something that was actively encouraged?

My mother always encouraged me to interact with other people and through the toys and books she bought me; I used to role play and draw images or pictures I desired. Around the ages 10 to 15 years I was allowed to join a club of my choice, although I was constantly reminded to not neglect or ignore my school work. I remember at one point I made birthday cards, greeting cards and wisdom cards that my mother used to sell to her colleagues. At varsity I sold everything from cosmetics to sandwiches. My mother has always supported my art and creativity. She is the greatest supporter I have.


  1. What influences your craft?

I have always dreamt like every child to make the world a better place. So growing up I realized I can do that through my craft. I have found my zone and working so hard to explore avenues where I can make the world a better place through my craft. From my baking skills to my massage skills, I am influenced by making the world a better place; one client per time.



  1. Please tell us more about BODY Signature?

BODY Signature is more of a dream come true. Growing up I loved magazines and natural stuff. I kept my hair natural for a very long time; hence us using and selling organic products at the spa. My dream is to live and work from a ranch, somewhere near the outskirts of GABORONE, watch the space. BODY Signature is excellence driven and works at helping our hard working clients to stay beautiful with our facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and other beauty services. Our staff are well trained professionals who are ever ready to go an extra mile in serving our clients and giving them the love and care they deserve.


I have a great passion for beauty. My mother always cautions me of one particular trait I have; I always give my all in my dealings. She believes people take advantage of that, but through my running of BODY Signature, she has come to realize that it works for my good. People who have met me and are genuine see this as a treasure, then open up to me and value the work I do at Body Signature.



  1. What are some of the challenges you have faced and triumphs you have enjoyed running Body Signature so far?


Every challenge is a lesson to me. All I can do is encourage myself and other young business owners in Botswana to show and give each other support. We need to build a community love and support not competition in the business world. I rejoice over my challenges, as they have given me solutions to grow and to be able to one day mentor young women in business. All my challenges have brought me great triumphs’.



  1. Other than your work, what else do you enjoy doing?


I enjoy church and love dancing so much. I believe one of these days I will be a dancer. Just watch and see. All the things that bring me joy; dancing, travelling and writing I shall live to enjoy. I enjoy living the life of influence and that is what I will do for the rest of my days here on earth.



  1. Love is………………………………..SELFLESS!!

12 On Passion : #001 Precious Kwon, Pastry Chef

Moniker : Precious Kwon

Endeavor of Passion : Pastry Chef

NostalgiandCloth team put together a photo series to celebrate women that have shown an exceptional quality of work by following their passion. The project simply titled 12 On Passion, aimed at showcasing young Batswana women whom have gone against the grain by choosing to pursue their creative passion over their formal or educational training to excel in a field, which resonates with their hearts desire. They were chosen for the level of professionalism and outstanding workmanship in their work, which goes to show that passion goes a long way and is a big part of making  exceptional work. We shall take a look at the personalities behind these women.

Stylist : Nollie Ngwira

Photography : kMoe Foto

Art Direction : T A N L U M E

Make Up Artist : Bojelo Marari



1.tell us a bit about yourself.


This question always makes me nervous because I am always looking for ways to be a better version of myself and in doing that, who I am today might not be who I will be three months. So I’m going to go ahead and tell you a bit about who I am right now. My name is Precious (this part hasn’t changed since I was born), I am a Seventh Day Adventist (this hasn’t changed since 2003). I’m a bit of an introvert, I enjoy the simple things in life. On my birthday this year, I decided to do something different, something that would challenge every bit of my being and so I signed up for a boxing class ☺. Every night before bedtime, I find something new and random (to me) to learn about, it could be about disease or how to make Moroccan yogurt. I’ll read about it or watch a video about for about 30 minutes to an hour.


  1. When and how did you start the Eccentrik Bakery.


When I came home in June 2014, I almost immediately threw myself into baking (it’s very therapeutic and I was going through some pretty uncomfortable things at the time). I’d bake for family and friends and in October I was contacted by someone from Botswana Ash after they’d seen a cake I had made for one of my nieces. They asked me if I’d be able to make 1000 cupcakes for their Christmas party. I took a while to confirm this order because I was overthinking a lot of things. The Eccentrik Bakery is a name that my friend Afina gave my bakery business sometime last year when we were on a Skype call after I had been telling her countless times that I’d give the business a name. She took matters into her own hands, and it’s been what is since then.


  1. Please tell us in detail the services provided by EB.


The Eccentrik Bakery is a cupcakery and a bath bakery. We make sweet baked goods; cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts and many more. We look forward to adding even more baked goods to the list of what we do. Schichttorte (20 layer German cake) is one of the things we’re excited about. The bath bakery side of things pretty much makes bath essentials, bath oils, massage oils, bath salts and a few other bits and bobs that make bath time delightful. I did not go to school for any of this, I love what I do and so I make it  a point to learn as much as I can from experienced pastry chefs and cake decorators.



  1. Growing up was there any indication you’d be doing what you do now?


Nope! Not at all. For a long time when I was younger, I wanted to be a dentist because I had to see one a lot to have my teeth pulled out 😀 . Then from there I wanted to work in Marketing. I find that everything I wanted to be or do when I was younger was not really because I had any interest in it (except dentistry, having my teeth pulled out that many times made me want help children) it was mostly because of what we were conditioned to think from a young age. I remember when I was doing standard 3 and a nice lady from UNICEF visited our class one day and she happened to ask us what we wanted to be when we got older. Everyone wanted to be either a nurse, a doctor, a police officer, a teacher or a lawyer. Look at us now!!!



  1. What inspires you?


Honest, hardworking people inspire me. As far as my work goes, I find inspiration in anything and everything. Also, knowing that the only limitations I should worry about exist in my head is really empowering and inspiring.



  1. Where do you look for daily inspiration?


Everywhere really. My kitchen pantry, people, television shows, music, buildings, systems; all of it really.



7.what have been some of the challenges and triumphs along the way?


Accepting help has been one of my biggest challenges. It’s an uphill battle because I find it difficult to trust anyone with my work. So an order that could take 5 hours if I accept help ends up taking well over 14 hours because I insist on doing everything myself. I’m working on it ☺.


  1. Love is….

Described beautifully in 1 Corinthians 13: 4- 8. One doesn’t need to be a Christian to identify with this passage. Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not boast. It is not proud… Love is about being patient and kind to yourself first. Understanding that you cannot give what you do not have then taking it upon yourself to take care of you before trying to love anyone else. Once you have that, it should be organic and just flow seamlessly.





What do you enjoy most about what you do?


The process of baking is very therapeutic, that is one of the first things I’d say I love about what I do. Baking allows me to be something different every time I get to decorate a cake. It may sound silly but just a few weeks ago when I was making my nephew’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake, I laughed to myself because just by making that cake, I’d “been” a builder and a pizzaiolo 😂. This is because I had to replicate these elements of the cake and make them look so real, make them look like they’d been made by a pizzaiolo and a builder. Making bath essentials is absolutely freeing and it allows me to be creative, it allows me to merge two of my favourite  things (food and skin care). I explore my kitchen pantry when I am baking and developing recipes, but making these organic bath essentials forces me to go deeper, to think and to be a bit more daring. Lastly, seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they get their products, that brings me so much joy, that tells me a lot about my work. I get to make people smile, I get to inject happiness into people’s days just by making them cake. I get to be part of their celebration and that is something special to me.


Other than your work, what else do you enjoy doing?


I love tea, a lot. I find making tea blends very fulfilling, finding ways to incorporate tea around my house and just having a nice cup of tea is really comforting. I enjoy watching documentaries (no specific genre here, I’ll watch them all 😊). I picked up boxing in May and I love it, it is freeing and it has helped me put a lot of things into perspective, so I appreciate that about it. It is not just beneficial for my physical fitness, it has been great for my mental fitness as well.