Why You Can Not Wear White To Someone’s Wedding


I have attended so many weddings in the past years and I have observed quite a number of mistakes we make while attending someone’s wedding but the main one is wearing a white dress when attending someone’s wedding. I feel this is quite disrespectful, what are you trying to do? It’s not your wedding are you trying to outshine the bride?


This is an age-old wedding etiquette question that’s been the source of great debate: Is it okay to wear a white dress to a wedding if you are not the one getting married? Trust me the etiquette books say yes to guests wearing white even red or black, as long as the fabric and cut of the dress is not bridal at all.  My stand is a little bit different, I say NO! You can’t wear white to someone’s wedding. Save your white dress for a special occasion not a wedding.


Here is a list of other things you can’t wear to a wedding: sweats of any kind, lounge wear is not appropriate for a wedding, it doesn’t matter that your dress doesn’t have sleeve or what bring a real jacket. More likely than not the bride and groom has hired a photographer to take photos of their big day! The last thing they want to see in those photos is you sulking around in some worn out hoodie! You also can’t wear anything that exposes your bra! What? You think this is a chill session? No! There is absolutely nothing wrong with bras but its underwear and this is a wedding!  Please stay away from drunken clown makeup on other people’s big day! If you can still see your blush when you turn out the lights then you pretty close! Keep it pretty and simple.


This dress from Lesweedy Diaries is a good example of what you can wear, long silhouettes, mid length  dresses are good. It’s important to choose airy, flowing fabrics, like silk and chiffon for warmer months. Vibrant colors, like fuchsia and coral, and unexpected textures, like gold beading, add a summery twist to formal-length gowns.


I hope this was helpful and that next time you attend a wedding you pretty much have an idea of what to wear and what not  to wear. This is not all, if in doubt seek professional help. Nollie is a personal fashion stylist and is here to assist you! Have an incredible week!



Captured by TronicArts Photography

Dress from: Lesweedy Diaries by Opelo Letshwiti


4 thoughts on “Why You Can Not Wear White To Someone’s Wedding

  1. Very insightful article. Thank you Nollie for following my blog too. Your work leaves me inspired as I see how you style with love & passion. Maybe one day we will meet and you will style me.

    Till then.

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