Introducing Style Conversations

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We are so excited to introduce our new new baby; Style Conversations Workshops. Our first installment will be hosted this December in Gaborone.

Why Style Conversations because a blog post is not enough to tell you everything you need to know (about clothes, designers, style, femininity) and everything that might help you. Because I want to get in touch with real women for whom aesthetic, stylistic, visual, creative education becomes part of their lives. To share the tricks you can play with trends, fashion, clothes, accessories. In order to send you to the stores you deserve to go, to the blogs that are worth reading, to the people you deserve to meet or listen to. In order to talk to you about the things that interest me, which I like, which makes me happy. To share your moments of enthusiasm or revolt, and not just those related to clothing or fashion.


I want to help you wear a coat that makes you feel great, find the accessory or piece of clothing that will become your favorite, correct the details of a outfit, wear only the colors that make you beautiful. This workshop is only limited to 25 women as we are trying to make it more intimate and interactive.


If you want to understand everything about your silhouette, the appropriate types of cuts, colors, accessories and prints, style rules applied to the construction of a wardrobe or outfit, the need for a wardrobe according to activities, I invite you to this style conversation.

This workshop takes about 6 hours, and the discussion is accompanied by a style, exercises and personal styling tools. Hoping to see you there!


Dates, venue, time and dress code to be announced as soon as possible!

Thank you for your support!


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Women’s Etiquette Brunch 2017



Been away for the past three months but did a bit of work! self care and self love really do come first! Trust we all doing great!


On the 12th of August 2012, Michelle Phetlhe of ESTeRES hosted the women’s etiquette brunch which is an opportunity for women to learn first-hand the customary code of polite behavior in society. Also an educational platform on styling, makeup, hair, health& wellness issues.


I delivered my presentation on personal style, clothing etiquette and the importance of looking your best each day!


To the guest speakers, thank you for an incredible day, to the ladies who made it to the brunch thank you! To Michelle you are appreciated, thank you for hosting us! looking forward to an incredible brunch next year!


Beautiful day filled with so much love, joy, laughter, food and great people!

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Photography by TronicArts Photography